7 02 2013

“Where grief is fresh, any attempt to divert it only irritates.” ~Samuel Johnson

You know the feeling: The butterflies in your stomach; the clenching of your jaw; the nervous tapping. However you manifest it, it’s the feeling you have when you have to confront something that is uncomfortable. Maybe you have to tell your boss your mistake cost the company $X. Maybe you have to tell an employee that it’s not working out, and they are going to have to pursue employment elsewhere. Maybe you have to confront someone who has been rude (or otherwise violating our core values), and call them on it. Whatever the issue, remember this: “Bad news doesn’t get better with age”. It’s the gorilla in the room or the monkey on your back (pick your animal idiom). It weighs you down, causes stress, makes you nervous, lose sleep, whatever. In almost all cases – JUST DO IT. Get it over with. The feeling of relief when it is done can come in 15 minutes, or 2 weeks… Why stew for 2 weeks when you can get it off your chest now. Sure, it takes bravery. Sure, it takes tact… but get it done and move on. Besides, dealing with something that just happened, versus “Remember 2 weeks ago when you said…” is a much better remedy – and they can’t say “Nope, no idea what you’re talking about”.

And for a particularly nice tie-in between the quote, my Kumbaya paragraph (thanks, Gene), and the daily comic, I present to you…


Rubes cartoons used with permission. http://www.rubescartoons.com




One response

7 02 2013

I agree with your just-get-it-done philosophy. I find that if I put off a dreaded task, it actually gets harder to accomplish the longer I wait. The more time I have to stew about it, the bigger it seems. The hard part is getting started. I find that it helps if I offer myself a “limited time offer” reward for screwing up my courage and getting it done quickly.

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