Ham & Eggs in the Office

11 03 2013

The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs.  The chicken is involved, the pig is committed.” ~Martina Navratilova

 I’ve said it before to many of you, so I’ll say it to all of you.  This here (gesturing all around me), folks, is just a job.  It’s a job many of us love, and it’s a job many of us would like to keep, but it’s just a job.  None of us would show up and work this hard for free.  When you go home (which you DO for free), leave your office worries behind – I do (usually).  When I drive to work, I put my “game face” on, and become the COO again for another work day.  At the end of the day, I get in the car, push the start button, and flush the workday from my mind.  You should be involved in your job, but beware being too committed, or you might end up like the pig above.  Work should be challenging & exciting.  It will also sometimes be stressful & frustrating.  But when the day is over, LEAVE IT at your desk, and go home to your family, friends, and real life, for this is just a job – it pays you so that you can enjoy what’s real – LIFE.  Use all of your vacation, even if you just stay home and play Black Ops II, or whatever… You’ve earned it, so use it. 

 All that being said, we’ve been promoted in this organization because we understand that the number one deliverable for any of us is… “Achieves Results”.  Get the job done, then go home and live life.  Speaking of having a life… Enjoy your weekend.  I’ll be playing Black Ops II (with my daughter) for much of it.  It’s a blessedly free-from-plans weekend for me. 



Rubes cartoons used with permission. www.rubescartoons.com




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