Walk a mile in their cubicle…

29 03 2013

“Until you walk a mile in another man’s moccasins, you can’t imagine the smell.” ~Robert Byrne

 20 years ago this August, I interviewed for my first post-Army job at CCCS of Southeast Maryland (since merged into this company).  When I interviewed for a counselor position, the CEO at the time told me that my Army background suited me more to the IT job that she had available.  Not one to turn down the increased salary, I said “Sure, but I want to become a certified counselor, and I need to spend at least 1 day per week sitting down with every different job at the company, so I can understand what they need in support from IT.:

 I interviewed an IT candidate myself last week, who said the same thing.  He needed my patience and the time to sit with CSR’s, Operations, Counselors, Accounting, etc… so that he could understand what these areas did, and how IT might be leveraged to help them be more efficient.  It was music to my ears!  I know that my Directors have made a push for you managers to cross-train so you can understand how the other areas work.  There’s incredible value to that understanding.  Not only does it make you more promotable (because you understand a bigger picture), it breaks down the “us vs. them” silos, both from your perspective, and from the perspective of the person that you care enough to sit with, and ask questions to. 

 Speaking of Smell, did you know that dogs can smell mere molecules of food?… 



Rubes cartoons used with permission. www.rubescartoons.com




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