It’s OK to say “I don’t know”

15 11 2013

“It’s people who are repressed and cannot express their fears that are dangerous.” ~Julie Taymor

 It’s also “bosses” (notice I didn’t say leaders here) that cannot express their weaknesses that are dangerous and toxic to an organization.  It’s absolutely OK to say “I don’t know”, and ask for help in finding an answer.  Nobody knows everything, and those who are comfortable with their imperfection make the best leaders, IMHO (in my humble opinion). 

 Far more dangerous to the health of a company are those bosses who don’t admit their ignorance, and move forward with the wrong information, or on an assumption.  I rarely get upset, but when a staff member represents something to me as a fact, and I later find out they were guessing… that bothers me.  It’s fine to say “I think”, “I guess” or “I’m 95% sure”, but don’t state opinion as a fact, please.  

 Have a great weekend, I guess.  🙂

 Speaking of repressed…



Rubes Cartoons used with permission.




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