Call them on it, then get over it.

23 12 2013

For those few, proud who are working today, here’s your comic…

“Get mad, then get over it” ~Colin Powell

(I love when the comic gives me an excuse to quote General Powell….)

When the business world throws you a challenge that makes you angry (a mistake, a poorly worded comment from a co-worker or boss, your idea gets ignored, etc.), do what Colin said… Get mad, then get over it.  Feel free to take the opportunity to have a calm conversation with the person that made you mad, express your feelings, and they will be less likely to do the same thing next time.  The key is: be calm and reasonable, and deal with it ASAP.  Very rarely will someone go out of their way to make you angry on purpose (and if you call them on it, they won’t do it twice).  So, talk about it, then get over it.  There’s no need to take your frustration home, and take it out on your family. 

Speaking of mad…. (said the catch & release fisherman):



Rubes Cartoons used with permission.





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