Move now, or lose your lunch

31 12 2013

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” ~George S Patton

 As we move into the legal merger of our 2 organizations, you probably know that many teams have worked very hard to get a LOT of processes lined up in a short period of time, to coincide with the announcement of the merger.  Much like the quote above, some of our solutions may stop-gap, versus perfect.  It will take some patience and “generosity of spirit” towards your fellow co-workers as we work the bugs out of some of the new protocols that we’ve established.  It’s an expected part of any merger.  There will be bugs, and there will be many versions of change as we identify opportunities.  However, we’ve started, and we’ve got a lot of smart people working on their own parts of the merger process.  Don’t be shy about letting your teammates know that their established protocols have room for improvement, but please do so with that generosity of spirit.  If you’re the one being reminded that we could do things better, please take that criticism in the way that it’s (hopefully) intended: to help us be a better organization down the road, and the best in the industry! 

 Happy New Year to all of you in the newly, merged ClearPoint Family!  I heard our first merger news release announced on NPR this morning!

 Speaking of Perfect…



Rubes Cartoons used with permission.




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