I’m not an @~$#*]{, I’m a skeptic.

6 03 2014

“Education has failed in a very serious way to convey the most important lesson science can teach: skepticism.” ~David Suzuki

Over the years, I’ve been labeled many things.  Through the “generosity of spirit” lens: Genuine, Frank, Devil’s advocate, Curious, out-of-the-box, blue sky.  Through the other lens: Blunt, Loud, Bull in a China Shoppe (with or without the vestigial e), Pushy, Arrogant, @~$#*]{!, and worst of all: Wanna-Be Lawyer (Sorry – just seeing if you’re reading, Chief!).

Regardless of the lens that you’re looking through, these are all some version of the term “Skeptic”.  I often argue against what I think really is the right answer, not generally to hear myself talk (those looking through the other lens might disagree), but to ensure that we’re looking at the problem from as many sides as we can think of. The hope is that the debate will avoid (or allow us to understand the risk of) making a mistake.  I believe that teams that contain a healthy percentage of others who do the same thing have a much higher chance of success.  I encourage having at least one in every meeting.

Speaking of Skepticism…



Rubes Cartoons used with permission.  www.rubescartoons.com




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