From Potato Chips to Play-Doh!

12 03 2014

~W. Clement Stone

Potato Chips, Post-It Notes, Microwave ovens & Play-Doh.  What do these things all have in common?  They were failed experiments.

Potato chips came from an angry chef who was told that his fried potatoes were too thick & soggy.  He sought revenge on the diner, by cutting them waaaay too thin, frying them hard, and over-salting them.  The diner loved them and ordered a second helping!

Post-It notes come from a failed adhesive experiment at 3-M, and an administrative assistant who needed to mark something important.  A microwave emitting magnetron accidentally melted a chocolate bar in a scientists pants (lucky it was just the chocolate!).  Play-Doh was created to be a cleaning product for dirty wallpaper until the kids nearby picked it up and started shaping it.  (From the minds of babes – 🙂 )

Sometimes you don’t know what a great idea you have, until someone else on the team points out a better way to use it.  That’s why it takes all kinds of thinkers and communicators to build a successful team.  It’s also a good reason to have occasional blue-sky brainstorming sessions. Surround yourself by diversity, and you’re more likely to thrive.

Happy Humpday, and speaking of moon… mooncat


Rubes Cartoons used with permission.




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