Nobody’s perfect, but Bacon helps!

19 03 2014

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.” ~Doug Larson

(My friend the cartoonist didn’t make it easy to find a leadership lesson in a cartoon about cannibalism, but here goes my best shot…)  As people, we all KNOW what we have to do if we want to live a long and healthy life.  We need to eat our veggies, avoid trans-fats, work out at least 30 minutes per day, avoid all the fun things like caffeine, bacon, alcohol, fried dough, etc.

… but almost everyone has one of the vices above, and very few do everything they should.  Nobody is perfect.  That’s your leadership lesson.  You can try your best to be a great leader, including monthly coaching, managing by walking around, never saying no without… “and here’s why”, and all those other things that leaders do.  Then, you’re hit with some unexpected challenge that you don’t have an answer for, or you say something that’s taken the wrong way.  Maybe you have a bad day, and snap when patience is called for, or you have an employee push you just a little too far, and you terminate them.  Stuff happens.  Instead of beating yourself up over it, ask yourself “Did anyone die?”.  If not, then lift up your chin, learn from the experience, and share it with others so that you help fellow leaders to avoid making the same mistake, or add another tool to their leadership tool box.

Speaking of Bacon…



Rubes Cartoons used with permission.




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