Don’t let boredom sap your soul…

20 03 2014

“Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation… even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.” ~Leonardo da Vinci

I’ve worked myself into a role where I have the freedom to pursue interesting problems – at least some of the time.  However, I started as a front-line counselor 21 years ago, and worked my way up.  Even when I was a counselor, and my day was filled with one session after another, I tried to create novel solutions to client’s problems, or find one special thing about a client that we could chat about, to give them a positive focus for their energies.  This philosophy of mine isn’t just work related – My wife handed me a new guitar on my 38th birthday and said “learn this – you like music, and you’re getting bored and cranky”.  2 years later, I could play a few songs, and loved to improvise around the strings. About that time, she said, “you’re getting bored again, go get your MBA”, so I did.  J

No matter how routine your job is, try to find that special something that makes each day unique.  Walk around on your break and get to know a new co-worker.  Ask if you can cross-train in another department 4 hours per month.  Heck, click the Google doodle every day to find out something special about the day – (Today is the first day of Spring – someone worked hard on that animation).   Whatever it is, my advice to having a successful day, and loving your job just a little bit more, is to try something different each day. For inaction (or lack of change) will indeed sap the vigor of your mind.

Speaking of sap…





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