Turning Lemons into Margarita’s

3 06 2014

“I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade… and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.” ~Ron White

The quote made me laugh, and it also depicts my theory on leadership.  As leaders, we’re paid to be in charge of, or “deal with” whatever comes up on our watch. Occasionally, that means presiding over a department that has a great month, or getting to review and reply to a “thank you” correspondence from a client.  It might mean congratulating your staff on major accomplishments (i.e. certification, education completed, etc.), or being the recipient of a good performance review, or other praise from your leader.

But let’s face it… it’s also our job to deal with the stuff that goes wrong, too.  Client complaints, employees who need some guidance on how they could have done something better, missed financials, and what we’ll do about them, etc.  Don’t let the challenging times get you down.  They’re just  opportunities to shine, as you turn lemons into lemonade.  There’s not much more rewarding than looking back and seeing how you took a challenge, saw the opportunity, and turned it into a success.  (Celebrate with the vodka – or your other choice of reward – on your own time, though!).

Speaking of trying…


Rubes cartoons used with permission. www.rubescartoons.com




One response

3 06 2014
Ellen Bubier

Thanks for the laugh! If you’re in DC, I hope it’s going well!

Thank you,


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