What’s your obituary going to say?

16 06 2014

“I don’t think one should ever come to my stage of life and have to look back and say ‘Gosh, I wish I hadn’t spent all those years doing that job I was never really interested in.’” ~Charles Kuralt

Without getting too dark, it’s never too early to think about what you want your obituary to look like.  Do you want it to say “Commuted an hour every day, punched in, created X widgets, made no waves, retired, and left the world without leaving a mark”?

How about “Built dozens of strong leaders, who went on to do the same with dozens more.  Changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and left behind a family of really cool people to carry on his immortality.”?  I don’t know about you, but I’m shooting for door number 2.  When you show up to work, be present, listen, be an advocate for positive change, and ensure that you’re asking your team members where they want to be in 10 years.  Then do something to push them in that direction.  They’ll thank you for it, and remember you fondly years down the road.

Speaking of gosh (and where you see yourself in 10 years)…


Rubes cartoons used with permission. www.rubescartoons.com




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