Celebrate that insecurity!

12 08 2014

“Virtue has a veil, Vice a mask.” ~Victor Hugo

This quote speaks to the difference between the “Anonymous donor” and the over-the-top braggart.  On the first side, you have someone who is comfortable enough in their own skin to quietly give (charity, credit for a good job at work, time, love) with no need for recognition.  The other side is usually born from insecurity.  In this camp you have people who take credit for other’s work, give blame or make excuses when things go wrong, or loudly proclaim their success while quietly covering up failure.  

Insecurity happens, and when it does, leaders should do their best to loudly encourage, while quietly coaching around the mistakes. Keep in mind that insecurity usually happens when people are stepping out of their comfort zone.  This might mean right after promotion to a new position, taking on challenging tasks, or otherwise attempting stretch goals.  So have patience with these folks who are feeling insecure.  Understand that mistakes will happen.  Many others avoid that insecurity by never daring anything.  Who’d you rather have on your team?  So, do your best to support those who might be insecure.  In other words, praise publicly, correct privately. 

Speaking of a mask…


Rubes cartoons used with permission. www.rubescartoons.com




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