Listen For The Quiet Givers

4 09 2014

“My Golden Rule of Networking is simple: Don’t keep score.” ~ Harvey Mackay

There are givers and there are takers out there in the world.  You know the takers – they’re the ones who only call you when they need something, and aren’t there in return when you need a favor.  They ask to borrow things that they may never return, but never have a buck when you’re short for lunch.  The givers are harder to spot.  They quietly serve, and don’t take credit when it’s theirs for the taking.  They contribute selflessly and hold families and other social groups together.

As leaders, be wary not to miss the givers on your team just because they’re not asking for recognition.  The takers will easily fill your vision with their “what about me” requests for promotion, time off, recognition – even if they’re just taking credit for something someone else did.  While the quote says don’t keep score (and many givers don’t), be sure that you, as a leader, ARE keeping score, so that you can ensure that your best (and sometimes quietest) get the recognition they deserve. 

Speaking of Golden…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




One response

4 09 2014

Very good point. We are so trained to see the obvious we often don’t look below the surface for the givers..

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