Get over it Mr. Imperfect!

10 09 2014

“Some of us have become so addicted to pointing fingers at others for all the wrong that happens in our lives that self-assessment has become synonymous with blaming the victim.” ~LZ Granderson

So, you got it wrong. You forgot to plan for a contingency, your timeline slipped, you published procedures and had each of your staff come to you and point out how they won’t work because of something you forgot.  Maybe your budget was missed, or you didn’t think twice before you spoke, and you said something that offended someone.  Did anyone die?  

If not, then get over it.  Oh well – turns out you’re not perfect.  Laugh at yourself, learn from it, get over it.  It takes a lot less energy to say “mea culpa” and laugh about it than it does to think of how you can turn it around and blame someone else.  Pointing fingers not only makes you look like a whiner, but it creates an enemy.  Why go through all that negative effort when you can simply laugh, learn, and make it right?  Right?

Speaking of victim…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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