Pass the Aggressiveness, please.

16 12 2014

“Some people are born on third base, and go through life thinking they hit a triple.” ~Barry Switzer

This quote speaks to the concept of entitlement.  It hints of people born with silver spoons, and a sense that they deserve everything they have, even if they haven’t earned it.  I’m not against wealth, or people who have it, but understanding what hard work is, and the pride that comes from doing a good job should not be overlooked.

As leaders, we’re going to encounter staff with a sense of entitlement, too.  The classic symptom is “it ain’t broke”, or “I never had to do this before”.  These are people entrenched in the past, who can’t adapt to the ever-evolving challenges of the American workplace.  It’s our job as leaders to explain why change is necessary, and help them gain the skills necessary to succeed and thrive in the new work situation.  It’s countered by “Do more with less”, which seems to be the mantra of corporate America.  Using technology and gaining other efficiencies should be the norm.  Those that push back to change are OK, in that you usually can help them see the light with good communication.  Those that adapt quickly and eagerly are a joy to have on your team (and prime candidates for promotion).  It’s the ones who don’t push back, but who don’t change that you have to watch out for.  Passive aggressiveness is poison.

Speaking of Triple…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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