What’s your KPI?

13 01 2015

“You can be fat and love yourself.  You can be fat and have a great [darn] personality.  You can be fat and sew your own clothes.  But you can’t be fat and healthy.” ~Susan Powter

When you think about your career, what is your Key Performance Indicator (KPI)?  In the quote above, it’s being healthy.  If you had to be measured by one thing for success at your job, what would it be?  Because you can be a great leader of your team, you can be great with the customers, and you can be fantastically dressed, but if your division loses money year-over-year, you still fail, right?

Maybe losing money isn’t your KPI – I just use that as an example (but losing money in most businesses is indeed a bad thing).  As we enter performance review season, keep this in mind when you’re giving relative weights to different KPI’s for your team.  What are you weighing the most heavily.  I’d suggest that Operating margin by department might be one of the biggest slices of the performance pie, at least for the higher-up leaders who have control over their budgets.  For the more front line people, their KPI’s might indeed be customer satisfaction (because happy customers mean revenue for most businesses).

Speaking of fat…


Rubes cartoons used with permission. www.rubescartoons.com




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