Ye Olde In Vino Veritas

26 01 2015

“…And much as wine has played the infidel, and robbed me of my robe of honor well, I often wonder what the vintners buy one half so precious as the stuff they sell.” ~Edwin Fitzgerald

There’s a lot to chew on in that quote there, but the gist of it (and I find both the quote and the comic hilarious!), for those that don’t speak “Ye Olde English Poetry” is that wine, while having the potential to harm oneself with over-use, is still So Darn Fantastic that it’s hard to imagine a vintner selling wine for money, when what’s more valuable than wine?  As a wine guy, I concur with the sentiment – “In Vino Veritas”.  (Look it up if you haven’t heard that phrase).

Today’s leadership point is really just about relative value.  When you lead a team, keep in mind that different team members value the rewards of their job differently.  Sure, for some it’s money – they’ll only be happy if you give them a raise in appreciation for their efforts.  Others, though might value free-time more, or flexibility in start and stop times, telecommuting, etc.  Yet others might most appreciate being given special assignments in recognition for their great performance.  Some might want loud praise, and others might rather die than have you show off their accomplishments loudly (the shy ones, or the ones afraid to be called “the teacher’s pet/brown-noser”).  The bottom line is to know your people, and understand that different rewards will have varied impacts based on their personality type and situation.

Speaking of being robbed….


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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