Dictator, or Collaborator? It’s your meeting.

9 02 2015

“Ideas are like pizza dough: meant to be tossed around.” ~Anna Quindlen

Some leaders have meetings so that they can get their captive audience of “worker bees” (in their mind, anyway) together, and dictate to them what the plan is.  Ever wonder where the word “dictator” comes from? Sit in on one of these types of meetings and you won’t any longer!  Meetings are used as a way to give orders, and exercise their positional power.  Fun meetings to be at, right?  Not so much.

Other meetings are free exchanges of information.  The leader may set the agenda, or help paint the vision for the ultimate goal of the meeting, and then lets the team work together on the goal.  This leader allows the team players to exercise their strengths, creating a final plan that is way better than the sum of the parts of the team members.  It’s also, not coincidentally, exponentially better than if the dictator’s plan from the first paragraph.  Now which type of meeting do you want to lead, or attend?

Speaking of Dough…


Rubes cartoons used with permission. www.rubescartoons.com




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