Work hard, play harder, manage time wisely

17 03 2015

“If he’s got golf clubs in his truck, or a camper in his driveway, I don’t hire him.” ~Lou Holtz

Many of us have heard about coaches who live at their office, and are with the team from pre-season through the final game.  These stories often talk about working 100 hour weeks, sleeping on the couch in their office, and the burdens of the job on their family life.  These coaches are so dedicated to winning that nothing but the team is important.  The competition to get a coaching job is almost as fierce as the competition on the gridiron, as is the will to win, and be the best.

Now, for those of us who aren’t top-tier sports coaches, please be sure that you are taking the time for your family.  When family doesn’t get the time it deserves, it causes stress, which, in the long run, will make you less good at your job.  In that way, it’s in the best interest of leaders to help their team find ways to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time.  So, work hard, and play harder!  It’s possible to do both, with good prioritization among the “rest of the stuff” that’s competing for your time.  In case you’re wondering if practice what I preach, today’s message comes to you from the guy who DOES have a camper in his driveway, and who plans on using it this weekend!

Speaking of camper…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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