Shaving, and the growth of industry

30 03 2015

“Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs.” ~Henry Ford

The output of a family, company or even country is usually (and hopefully) growing year-over year.  Families might have members who get better paying jobs, or they can cut expenses.  Companies try to grow, and create better margins by using technology to automate some manual processes.  Countries output (i.e. GDP) can go up due to inflation, actual growth, or technological innovation, too.  If it wasn’t for technology, we wouldn’t be able to feed all of the people on this growing planet.

In competitive markets, there is a constant pressure to “do more with less”.  Sometimes technology can help us do the same job quicker, better, or cheaper.  Sometimes we have to focus on the most valuable tasks, and exit other lines of service with a smaller Return on Investment (ROI).  Finally, sometimes we’ll pursue new and exciting lines of service, hoping to expand the company into a whole new area.  Companies that survive are constantly evolving, and finding new efficiencies by shaving time, costs, or cutting overhead.  That’s what’s behind the recent merger between Heinz and Kraft.  The company that will be driving that merger (3G Capital) is one that is known for “cutting the fat” and finding the efficiencies that are typical to mergers.

Speaking of shaving…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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