Loosen up and be a little weird, leader!

17 04 2015

“Don’t be afraid to be awesome.  Sometimes being weird and different is good.  When you think you’re working hard, there is always someone else working harder, so always be yourself and know your stuff.” ~Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

What does a Chief Executive Officer look like?  Well, I look in the mirror and I see one, but if I Google “Chief Executive Officer” I DON’T feel like I’m looking in the mirror.    I’m sort of a weirdo.  I dress down whenever possible (within the dress code, but we’d all agree probably scraping the bottom-end of the range).  I don’t shave every day.  I try to laugh and be nice, but I do speak frankly, and the transparency of my communication occasionally shocks people.  I walk the floors and try to learn everyone’s name, but I’m still working on it because I’m terrible with names.  If you see me in a suit, you know I have to dress up for some VIP, and I’m hating every minute of it.  I think many of things would NOT be said for other COO’s in any industry.

My point is that it’s a LOT easier for a leader to succeed if they’re comfortable in their environment.  I’m not saying that dressing down is the secret to success, because many people gain energy from clothes shopping and being sharp-dressed.  I’m saying, within corporate policies, find a way to be yourself and be comfortable while doing your job.  If you’re not devoting unnecessary energy and stress towards the things that don’t matter, then you have that much more in the tank so that you can push to achieve the things that DO matter (results, success, quality, satisfaction, morale).  Be a little weird if you’re naturally weird – the world won’t come to an end if you’re not perfectly “corporate”, but it will be just a little more fun for you, and probably those around you, as well!

Speaking of weird(o)…


Rubes cartoons used with permission. www.rubescartoons.com




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