Make their day suck a little less.

9 06 2015

“My father was a lesson.  He had his own bakery, and it was closed one day a week, but he would go anyway.  He did it because he really loved his bakery.  It wasn’t a job.” ~Christopher Walken

People with a passion for what they do might even offer to work for free sometimes.  I do some pro-bono work as a nonprofit board consultant for a few organizations whose missions I care a lot about.  Several times per year, we have people call us and ask if they can volunteer to work a day a week at our nonprofit.  People all over the world volunteer at their churches, soup kitchens, and try to give back in many ways.

Am I suggesting that our workers should come in and work for free?  Nope.  I understand that what we do every workday is a job.  However, as leaders, one of our many jobs is to do our best to make it so the work that is being done by our teams “stinks a little less”.  Yes, work is hard, and we have to jump through hoops to get the job done.  These hoops are imposed upon us by many third parties, some of which I alluded to yesterday.  That being said, as leaders, we have some leeway in how we treat our employees, and how we communicate with them.  Whenever possible, within the bounds of our operating policies, take the high road and make their day just a little better than it would have been without you.

Speaking of the bakery…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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