There’s no room for Obscenity in the business world.

19 06 2015

“You cannot afford to wait for perfect conditions.  Goal setting is often a matter of balancing timing against available resources.  Opportunities are easily lost while waiting for perfect conditions.” ~Gary Ryan Blair

The 80-20 rule is one that is often misunderstood.  There’s a large difference between gathering as much data as you can to make a decision, and once you’re 80% sure that you’ve got the info you need to succeed at something, then start moving toward the goal.  That does NOT mean that the goal that you’re working toward should be 80% right.  80% is a B minus, and in some school systems it’s a C.  C is average.  Average is mediocrity.  Mediocrity in the business world is obscene.  That’s how you lose the support of your customers and partners.

Leaders at General Electric (GE) decided that they would only play in markets where they could be one of the top providers of that product or service.  GE is often hailed in business school literature as the model of American business success.  They don’t wait for the perfect conditions, nor do they let opportunities get away.  If you see an opening that will allow you to capture greatness, then MOVE.  Carpe Diem (Seize the day), or as the phrase might be mutated in the business world, on your way to beating the competition, Carpe Jugulum.

Speaking of timing…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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