Holding down the fort is the least you can do!

29 06 2015

“Heroes need monsters to establish their heroic credentials.  You need something scary to overcome.” ~Margaret Atwood

David against Goliath, Joe Namath guaranteeing a win against the Colts in the first Super Bowl (the first one with “that name”, but the third AFL-NFL championship game, purists) and the Karate Kid all were famous underdogs.  Nobody celebrates the win of Goliath over David.  When the New York Yankees beat just about anyone, it’s sort of a “whatever” moment.  When you spend more money than any other team in baseball, a win gets you a shrug, but when the little guy beats you, everyone says “Oh no they didn’t!!!”

As leaders, understand that you’re not going to get a pat on the back or a high five for doing what you’re supposed to.  Keeping your department humming, or keeping your people relatively happy is par for the course.  Do you want to impress your team?  Go above and beyond the call of duty.  Do something that impresses them.  Put in the extra effort to stick up for your team, or claw victory from the jaws of defeat.  But don’t just sit there expecting a pat on the back for showing up.  Holding down the fort is the least you can do.  It takes a lot more to get an “attaboy” from your staff, peers, or leader.  You’ll only be a hero when you guide the team through the tough times.  That’s why you should smile when someone throws a tough problem your way – that’s the smell of heroic opportunity!

Speaking of scary…


Rubes cartoons used with permission. www.rubescartoons.com




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