I am so very, very wise. :-)

23 07 2015

“Think of the haters in your life as sandpaper.  They’ll scratch you up time and time again, but in the end, you’re spotless while they end up useless.” ~ Unknown (My daughter says it was probably some quote from a middle school girl with lots of emoji’s around it – we raised a child with sarcasm, so I guess I deserve it.  🙂

Whoever said today’s quote has some tremendous insight.  The only way to ensure that you don’t make mistakes in the business world is if you don’t make any decisions, don’t take any chances, and don’t try to improve something.  The rest of us humans will make those mistakes, and we might get “roughed up” a bit, but we’ll usually get over it, chock full of that wonderful by-product of making mistakes: experience.

There will be those haters that point to your mistake, and rejoice in your failure.  Those are the same ones that don’t make any decisions for fear of being wrong.  Ignore them, because you’ll be leaving them in your dust.  You will eventually get promoted past them, and maybe they even end up working for you.  Of course, being promoted will put you in a position where we get to make even bigger mistakes that cost even more money (and they’ll probably still snicker at you behind your back).  Ignore them, because these mistakes will pile new experience on top of that old experience to create what we’re all searching for, eventually:  Wisdom!  I know this, because I am wise.  So very, very wise because I’ve made so very, very many mistakes.  🙂

Speaking of spotless …


Rubes cartoons used with permission. www.rubescartoons.com




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