Laying out for the touchdown pass – and the fans on the sidelines.

4 08 2015

“To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Jumping to conclusions is often the polar opposite as jumping at opportunities.  Those who sit on the sidelines and watch a do-er might comment on the work of the person chasing opportunities.  It’s a lot like a football fan sitting on the sidelines criticizing a receiver for missing a catch because of “alligator arms” (i.e. not extending to catch the ball).  If you think they’re such a bad football player, go out there and extend your body and expose your underbelly while going for a ball with a 250 lb linebacker coming at you at high speed!

Then there’s the adventurers.  They see opportunity – and instead of thinking “It’ll never work”, they think “It’s never been done – I’m going to be the first!”.  Sure, sometimes they fail.  Sometimes they drop the ball, and you’ll sit on the sidelines tsk-tsking over their failure.  But they’re the brave ones, going out there and risking something, knowing that the proverbial linebacker might be rushing at them to crush them.  They do it anyway, and sometimes they even catch a touchdown ball!

Speaking of jumping…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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