In economic terms, Shift Happens!

28 08 2015

“An optimist is someone who gets treed by a lion but enjoys the scenery.” ~Walter Winchell

Let’s face it.  Stuff happens, or as my economics professor at William & Mary school of Business said – “Shift Happens” (when supply and demand curves shift, creating market instability for those of you who haven’t had Professor Bud).  In the business world, we create very detailed budgets and pull together beautifully written strategic plans.  We go into the year with a firm vision of what the year will look like, and something shifts – usually by mid-January, if not sooner!

You can scream and cry, wail and gnash your teeth, spouting off about the injustice of it all.  Or, you can roll up your shirt sleeves, pull up your boots, and deal with it.  Successful leaders look a challenging lion’s roar in the face, and growl back at it.  Those in need of a new profession make excuses and scream “It wasn’t my fault!”  Who do you want leading you when shift happens?  Be the same leader for your team.  Nobody died, and it’s going to be OK.  Think of the stories we’ll tell about our adventure when we get through this together! As Colin Powell said: “Perpetual Optimism is a force multiplier!”

Speaking of scenery…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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