Being in the weeds isn’t so bad!

2 09 2015

“On the soft bed of luxury, many kingdoms have expired.” ~Andrew Young

The Greeks, the Romans, Constantinople, the British Empire – All world powers risk succumbing to the soft comfort of the luxury of being in charge.  It might be corruption that does them in.  It might be subjugation of the “losers” in the battle for supremacy, as the second class, or non-citizens rise up and slay the ruling class.  With the United States, the end of our reign might just be because we feel entitled to this cushy lifestyle while the billions in India and China can live on so much less that they “out-bid” us.  I’m not saying we’re circling the drain as a civilization, but after winning 2 world wars, we may have grown a little too affluent a little too quickly.

Leaders and companies have to watch for the same pitfalls.  Some companies spend time on top, then disappear due to a lack of innovation or being under-bid.  Some leaders get promoted to a cushy job, and then stop any sort of production – then get surprised when they’re told they’re not needed any longer, because they don’t add any visible value to the company.  So, the next time you’re “in the weeds” (a restaurant industry term for being swamped), not only should you enjoy how much quicker the day goes by when you’re busy, but rest assured that you’re contribution to the company is being recognized – and Thank You for all that you do!

Speaking of expired…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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