Call them on it every time – they’ll eventually stop.

8 09 2015

“Stress is an important dragon to slay – or at least tame – in your life.” ~Marilu Henner

One way to get rid of stress is to have some physical activity.  A good workout gets rid of it.  Another way to get rid of stress is to TALK ABOUT IT.  Too many people go home frustrated & stressed out with something at work.  They then have sleepless nights, have health issues, and otherwise suffer from bottling it up.  It’s taken me many years to understand that there are 2 ways to deal with stress, and only one of them has a good night sleep attached to it.

Get it out of your system!  If someone frustrates you, point out to them your frustration.  Do it respectfully, and in a professional manner, but tell them.  You’ll often find that they either didn’t mean it the way you took it and/or they didn’t intend to frustrate you, as they didn’t see the impact of whatever they said on you.  Rarely, people go out of their way to frustrate, hurt, or impede you (passive aggressive folks, and incompetent folks fall into this category).  How do you, as a leader help them to stop?  Call them on it every time. Make it progressively more uncomfortable for them to deal with the consequences of messing with you, by getting louder and more direct with them each time they push your buttons (still professional – remember that right is on your side).  Eventually, they’ll stop or leave, and either of those results will feel good!

Speaking of Tame…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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