Short and sweet, until next week…

5 10 2015

“I think a good entrepreneur has a very clear grasp of what the goal is, an unwavering sense of the goal, and utterly agile approach of getting there.” ~ John Katzman

I just wanted to continue the theme of entrepreneurialism from last week, and the comic and quote are working with me nicely today.  Leaders need to paint the vision, point the way, say “follow me, we’re headed there”, and then GET THERE through the force of their leadership and will.

Getting results is what anyone would do if their own wealth was invested in some new initiative.  Why wouldn’t we work just as hard when we have a job working for someone else?  Keeping it short and sweet for the only comic you’ll get this week.  I’m headed to the great Northern Wilderness to catch Salmon for a week.  Be back on Tuesday next.

Speaking of agile…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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