Don’t just put the cherries on top.

21 10 2015

“I never admire another’s fortune so much that I become dissatisfied with my own.” ~Marcus Tullius Cicero

Just as I’ve discussed 80% of highly educated MBA candidates place themselves in the top 20% of the class ranking, you’ll find that most people think that they’re your best employee.  Be aware of this, because you know you do have one “best” employee (you’re thinking about them right now – yes, that face that just popped into your head – that’s them).  You clearly want to ensure the happiness of your best and brightest, but don’t do it to a fault.

Keep in mind that while that person is valuable to both you and the company, the lion’s share of the work in an organization is done by the 99% of staff that are NOT that person.  Be sure to spread the wealth around when giving out cherry assignments, or you may lose those that are the “better, but not best” on your team.  Also keep in mind that you can indeed manage out the worst person on your team, and continue to do that as a policy.  That said, if you continue to cut the worst performer, then the person in your head (your best performer) will soon be the only one left, and then they’ll also be your worst performer.  🙂

Speaking of dissatisfied…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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