Find your own rhythm

5 11 2015

“I try to manage my day by my circadian rhythms because the creativity is such an elusive thing, and I could easily just stomp over it doing my administrative stuff.” ~ Scott Adams

I definitely have my optimal rhythm for my business day.  I love working on spreadsheets in the EARLY morning.  Creative writing tasks (which exercise different “mental muscles” like this one often happen at, oh.. about 8:30am.  🙂  I like group meetings to be from 11-3 ET, due to our West Coast presence.  I don’t really like 4pm meetings, because that means traffic hell, and I like working deep-dive solo projects in the home office in the early evening.

Many people I work with are not on my schedule.  I often turn on the lights in the office, and rarely turn them off.  The point is that we all have our own patterns, rhythms and things that we gain energy from.  As leaders, we have to work with other leaders, so we won’t always have the luxury of working on what types of tasks we want to WHEN we want to (I have occasionally attended 4pm meetings 🙂 ).  Understanding that different people have different schedules means compromising.  Throw in some offshore work (we have some programmers in India), and you may find yourself having meetings at very weird times.  In this ever-working global economy, strange schedules, telecommuting, Skype and GoToMeeting are all tools that we can use to make it a little more bearable.  So, when possible, find your own rhythm, and help your team do the same.

Speaking of administrative…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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