Humor, sarcasm, and just plain mean.

24 11 2015

“A dimwit thinks nothing is funny unless it’s mean.” ~Stephen King

There are 2 other broad categories of humor, other than the one above, in my opinion.  There’s the “never be mean, no matter what, and if you can do something funny within these rules, then OK.”  Then there’s the one that we have in my house:  You can be mean, as long as it’s funny, and the person you’re being mean too laughs, too.  If you’re just mean, or you hurt someone’s feeling, then you’re grounded or kicked out.  Sarcasm sometimes has an edge of meanness to it, but is often funny.  Sarcasm, and the accompanying humor in my house creates a life full of laughter.

Now, leaders, keep in mind that when you’re in the office, you have to find the line between the 2 categories in the previous paragraph.  Something that might be funny, and appropriate in my house would NOT be OK at work.  I’ve had many good laughs in the office, but those were with people that I knew well, and trusted enough to be a little sarcastic.  But I’ve also heard some “jokes” that I had to, as a leader, say “settle down now – this isn’t the place for that”.  It’s good to laugh at work… but it’s good to have a job, too!  So decide before you “pop off” with some hilarious joke, because sometimes your audience will be the one deciding if you have a job after the joke.

Speaking of diwits…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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