The “secret sauce” of leadership.

30 11 2015

“I always tell people this:  to be a savvy politician or a good head of state and to be charitable are not mutually exclusive things.” ~ Natalie Dormer

One of the harder things to teach some new leaders is how to go easy.  Some folks, who are now “the boss” like to wield that authority like a baseball bat.  Teaching them that it’s OK to be kind to their team is tough.  Helping them understand that they can cut their staff a break once in a while is imperative to creating an empathetic leader.

Then there’s the flip side.  The pushover leader.  They’ve been promoted, and are now in charge of their “friends”.  They don’t want to be un-popular, so they don’t enforce the rules, and their team runs amok.  Teaching them that they have to have a little backbone, and must be able to say “no… and here’s why” will help them to lead.  The “secret sauce” of leadership is to help them know when to balance these leadership traits:  Be firm enough to get the job done, and light-hearted enough to have fun doing it.

Speaking of savvy…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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