Embrace Technology, or get kicked in the pants.

7 01 2016

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” ~Bill Gates

As I start this daily comic, it’s before 8am, and I’ve already updated some org charts in powerpoint, answered a dozen e-mails, sent out several requests for information of my own, read a spreadsheet and a web document, and researched a quote for today’s missive.  Oh, 4 of those e-mails that I dealt with were about team members telecommuting, and I’m one of them.  The best part is I’m doing it from my den, in sweatpants!  I’m connected to my office desktop via the internet, and have a cell phone to take calls or (more likely these days) text messages.  Even 15 years ago, this sort of telecommuting would not have been possible!  Who knows what’s next for technological improvements in our efficiency & effectiveness.

The point, leaders, is to remain open minded to changes in technology.  The only sure way to be a failure in 10 years is to say “we’ve always done it this way, so there’s no reason to change.”  When you have a young up & comer want to show you something that might make your life more efficient, listen, an ask questions.  If you don’t know how, have someone show you how to have multiple signature blocks to keep you from having to format your e-mail for different functions.  I am using one for today’s comic, with the built in “speaking of…” and the Rubes permission, as well as bold font and squiggle for the quote.  This was shown to me by one of my team.  Another on my team formatted the signature block to contain an entire “canned” welcome letter to new clients, bypassing the need to even open a doc, cut, and paste (simply right click on your signature block, and presto)!  Embrace technology, or let it kick you in the pants.  It’s your call!

Speaking of square…


Rubes cartoons used with permission. www.rubescartoons.com




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