Fast-food leadership, or not.

25 01 2016

“I’ve had a ton of fast-food jobs – it changes your approach to human interaction forever.” ~ Beth Ditto

I don’t know if this quote says a good thing or a bad thing about human interactions at fast-food joints.  I’m guessing bad.  I’ve had 2 jobs at fast food.  Chicken cooker at Church’s, and burger maker at Burger King.  Because I wasn’t a cashier, my only experience (a bad one) was with front-line managers at these fast food joints.  There’s a reason that parents aren’t complimenting you when they say “If you don’t get your grades up, you’re going to end up working at McDonalds for the rest of your life.”

See, the “barrier to employment” at most fast food places is pretty low – they’ll hire just about anyone willing to work for minimum wage.  If you stay there and do your job for a few months, because you can’t get a higher paying job somewhere else, then they promote you to management.  I could write a book on how NOT to manage by spending a few days following around many of the fast food managers out there.  They yell, take long smoke breaks all day long, ask staff to do impossible things within a given time period, and my guess is take out all of the frustration of having to smile at the public on the staff behind the scenes.  As soon as I got a better paying opportunity, I fled that industry and have never looked back. I’m not saying that there aren’t great managers in that industry, but I never saw one in my limited experience.

Speaking of fast food…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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