22 02 2016

“Perspective is worth 80 IQ points.” ~Alan Kay

“You wanna build your IQ higher in the next two years?  Be uncomfortable.  That means, learn something where you have a beginners mind.” ~ Nolan Bushnell

My IQ MUST be higher than it was when I woke up yesterday, because I picked up the guitar that I haven’t played in 4 years, and definitely had not only a beginners mind, but beginner’s fingers (which, not surprisingly, are also very sore this morning).  I found it humbling that I couldn’t remember which notes to play for songs that I’ve played hundreds of times.  The good news is that after a few hours, I was able to at least plink out a few songs, including the Star Spangled Banner.

Leaders, exercise your “Leadership IQ” as many ways as you can.  That might mean taking incoming phone calls if you haven’t in a long time.  Understand what the customer is looking for these days.  It might mean switching out with a different leader, to sit in their chair, and run their line of service for a few days to get a broader perspective of the company.  It might be as simple as doing some side by side’s with your team, so as to better understand how our QA audits slow down, or make the process awkward.  In other words, shift perspective, and find that “beginners mind”.  Being uncomfortable isn’t always a bad thing.

Speaking of IQ…


Rubes cartoons used with permission. www.rubescartoons.com




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