Reconciling your image with your heart

15 03 2016

“Every person has a different view of another person’s image.  That’s all perception.  The character of a man, the integrity, that’s who you are.” ~ Steve Alford

We all have a number of images that we have to project in this life.  I need to be a good father to my daughter, and a good husband to my wife.  I try to be a good child to my parents, and a good friend to those I call friends.  The image that comes off of each of these roles is different, in the situation.  In other words, I don’t tell my fishing buddies not to play with knives, and I don’t tell my parents that it’s past their bedtime.  These actions I must take in these roles are all situationally based.

Then I have to come to work, and make the decisions and take the actions that are associated with my title.  Leaders, we all do.  Even within your title, you have to treat different employees, peers, co-workers, and supervisors differently, depending on the situation.  The actions taken differ by whom we interact with, but at the heart of it, your character and integrity should shine through.  Sometimes it may seem like those two are at odds, but you’ll find your genuine self in each role you have to live, and if you’re lucky, those you’re interacting with will find the real you in there, too.

Speaking of perception…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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