Thou shalt knot – leadership lessons

25 04 2016

“You should never wear a baseball cap when working in close quarters in the attic:  You never see that beam above you!” ~ Alex Trebek

Does anyone else out there have any trouble believing that Alex Trebek would: A: Ever wear a baseball hat and/or B: Go into an attic with low-hanging beams?  That said, let’s take this good lesson at face value.  I HAVE worn a baseball hat into an attic storage space, and done this very thing.  On one hand, the hat helps cushion the blow a little bit, so you’re less likely to bleed.  On the other hand, it increase the risk of a knot to your noggin.  This is one of those lessons that you can be told about, but you’ll not remember until you learn it in pain.

That’s the thing about many leadership lessons, too.  You can be told about them.  You can read a daily comic about them.  You can read all the leadership books in the world, and some lessons you will still have to learn the hard way:  Don’t treat your employees as friends.  Don’t get involved with co-workers.  Praise in public, criticize in private. Don’t come to work contagious.  Don’t gossip about your co-workers.   Don’t whine or yell.  Don’t back-stab.  We all know that these are common-sense rules of work, but how many of you know someone who has broken one or more of these commandments, and had to learn why the hard way?  Yeah, me too.


Speaking of beams…

Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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