My bad. (Full Stop)

26 04 2016

“We count on winning, and if we lose, don’t beef.  And the best way to prevent beefing is – don’t lose.” ~ Knute Rockne

Pretty straightforward, even if Knute started his sentences with a conjunction.  If you don’t want to have to make excuses, wail, and gnash your teeth, then be right!  And when you’re wrong (did you see how I did that?), suck it up, buttercup.  We all make mistakes, and we all have some urge to try to fix it, make excuses, or get angry about being wrong.  Guess what?  You’re wrong, live with it.  Don’t like it?  Try harder next time.

Losing graciously is something that’s hard for most of us to deal with, but it’s something that good leaders do.  It shows class and dignity to say “my bad”, with no excuses following that statement.  When you own your results, you’ll be more respected and admired than those who try to throw blame or excuses.  Leaders, remember that when you have an employee who does or doesn’t own it.  For those that do, cut them a break – they just did a very brave thing.  For those that don’t:  Well, keep on them until they do.  You’re teaching a valuable lesson to a future leader (if they can learn it).

Speaking of beef…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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