“Are you concise” – “I am”

26 05 2016

“When our spelling is perfect, it is invisible.  But when it’s flawed, it prompts strong negative associations.” ~ Marilyn vos Savant

For guest writer Thursday… You get me!  A former employee was scheduled to do today’s guest writing, but I didn’t catch it and re-assign, so you’re stuck with more of the same.  I’ve talked many times about how important it is to have a well-written communication as a leader.  And today’s quote really adds some strength to that argument.  When you’re trying to move a thought to a document to be shared, it’s important to communicate as clearly as possible.

Don’t forget the power of simplicity and brevity.  One of the shortest sentences in English is “I am.”  An even shorter one is “No.”  If someone asks if you’re aware of a policy, you can make all kinds of excuses why you aren’t, or you can use the shortest sentence – “No.” (“I am not” is implied).  Some wise-guy is going to say “but what about ‘and here’s why’?”  J but that’s when you’re denying someone’s request, not declaring your own status.  A LOT of work can be done in a short meeting if you keep in mind that you should attempt to convey the necessary information as briefly as possible, and allow the meeting to move on.  Some of my favorite people in this organization regularly schedule 15 minute blocks of time for a meeting that others might book an hour for.  Guess what?  We get just as much done. More, actually – because we can get to the point, make a decision, and move on to the next meeting/project/initiative with 45 bonus minutes to spend on it!

Speaking of invisible…


Rubes cartoons used with permission. www.rubescartoons.com




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