Parenting and Leadership

3 06 2016

“Motherhood is tough.  If you just want a wonderful little creature to love, you can get a puppy.” ~ Barbara Walters

In defense of Dad’s everywhere (with Father’s Day coming soon), fatherhood is tough, too.  Parents, in general, work for the good of not only themselves, but their families.  The “I made the money, so I’m going to spend it on me” attitude of young people fades away with the responsibility of parenthood.  The crazy thing is, parents rarely ever resent this, as raising a family (and growing up yourself at the same time) is the hardest work you’ll ever love.

Leaders, growing a good team can be similarly pleasing.  Helping your team learn how to do things that they didn’t learn in High School and/or College can be very rewarding.  You can find pleasure while being paid to work, if you have the right attitude about work and mentoring.  Leadership also means tough love, sometimes.  Parents sometimes have to scold their children, or punish them for inappropriate behavior.  Leaders at work also may have to give some corrective coaching and/or progressive discipline, in the worst case.  The challenge, in both cases, is trying to find the right message without having to scream about it.  Finding the right balance of support and discipline is one of those things that both parents and leaders need to find over time.

Speaking of woodland…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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