The pain of bravery

28 06 2016

“Take chances, make mistakes.  That’s how you grow.  Pain nourishes your courage.  You have to fail in order to practice being brave.” ~ Mary Tyler Moore

I think I’ve spoken of making mistakes and learning from them enough for a while.  It’s been a while since I addressed bravery.  That’s when you know what the right thing to do, but you also know (from past experience) that doing the right thing can be uncomfortable – for you and/or the person being confronted.  Calling out a co-worker for messing around when you both have a job to do can be uncomfortable.  Asking someone near you to quiet down so that you can do business on the phone takes bravery.

Leaders, we don’t have the luxury of not acting when we know that the wrong thing is going on.  You can’t pretend to not see something, because addressing it might mean that someone doesn’t like you.  It does nobody any good if you delay that conversation.  You’ll probably have sleepless nights worrying about it, and the bad behavior will be considered “acceptable” because it’s clearly going on with your knowledge.  Tear off that band aid, and have the conversation that needs to happen.  Dealing with issues early on are almost always the best way to stop that unproductive behavior.

Speaking of pain…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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28 06 2016

Great read!

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