To bake or to be chopped

20 10 2016

“I think it’s a novelty for cartoon characters to cross over into another strip or panel occasionally.” ~Bil Keane

Our guest writer today asked for a future Thursday, so you’re stuck with me.  I found a funny quote and comic, and I’ll spin that off into thinking inside (the comic below) or outside (the quote above) the “box”.  There are definitely uses for both types of thought.  When you’ve got regulatory, partnership, or procedural tasks, it’s important to follow directions.  Try to bake a cake from scratch, and just improvise on the measurement of ingredients – you won’t likely enjoy the result.  Science and recipes like that need you to follow the rules.

Then there’s Art:  Open the cabinet, grab the first 4 ingredients you see, open the freezer and find a protein, and make a dinner a-la “Chopped”.  Both the correctly-baked cake and the chopped recipe are types of cooking, and both can be successful.  Leaders, the fun part of leadership is knowing when to follow the protocols you’ve been given (or you created), and when to come up with an innovative, transformative solution to an old problem.  My rule of thumb is that if you’re going to get all outside the box, then the smart move is do discuss it with your leader, your peers, or others on your team.  Be prepared for “it’ll never work” and “that’s now how we do things”, so you should be ready to defend your idea, and have thought about what will blow up if you do it that way (i.e. what’s the biggest risk, and how are you going to mitigate it?).

Speaking of cartoon panels…


Rubes cartoons used with permission.




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