When a do-over isn’t an option, aim the Spear True

2 08 2016

“A well-aimed spear is worth three” ~ Tad Williams

Ready-Fire-Aim.  That’s something that happens too often in life, and in business.  Now, I’m not saying spend days thinking about the best way to do something, but think it through, understand  where the uncertainty is, then AIM before firing.  Sometimes you only have one shot at hitting the target (Just ask Kev below – if he’s around to ask after that shot!)

Leaders, resist the urge to give an answer that you aren’t sure is true.  If time doesn’t permit that luxury, then handicap your answer with “I’m about 80% sure that this data is good.”  However, when you have time, even when you may feel the pressure to deliver a best guess, give your team time to gather the data you need, so that the facts are as fleshed out as they can be.  Then, decisions can be made, and consequences can be dealt with based on facts, and not guesses.   Sometimes you don’t get a do-over

Speaking of why one well-aimed spear is important…


Rubes cartoons used with permission. www.rubescartoons.com